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I have always advocated for a safe, reliable transit system for Detroiters. For the past six years as Vice-Chair of the Public Health & Safety Committee, my biggest priority is ensuring DDOT buses run on schedule and safely for bus riders. I’ve been a strong supporter of reforming routes, staffing, and equipment at DDOT buses that are safe and run on time. 

 I pushed for:

  • Increased funding in DDOT's budget for reforming routes, staffing, and equipment.

  • A regional transit system that allows Detroiters to access job and educational opportunities across SE Michigan.

  • Public transit as a way to create sustainable and equitable development in Detroit.

  • Paratransit providers held accountable when too many residents were suffering from providers that were showing up hours late or sometimes not at all.



When more than 25% of Detroiters don’t have access to an automobile, when our kids need to get to school, when we need to get to work, when our parents and grandparents need to get to the doctor, reliable, affordable public transit isn't a luxury. It’s a necessity. 

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