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As Vice-Chair of the Detroit City Council’s Committee on Public Health and Safety, I have proudly supported innovative programs and key priorities to make our city safer such as the highly successful and innovative “Green Light Project,” a public-private partnership with gas station owners that provides for remote monitoring and rapid police response. I have fought the dangerously high turnover rate in our police department by supporting pay increases and other retention efforts to keep experienced officers on the job. I have also held absentee building owners accountable for their dilapidated properties that, all too often, become havens for criminal activity. I have personally visited many of our city’s firehouses to expedite essential facility repairs and ensure that critical life-saving equipment like oxygen tanks are in ready supply so our firefighters are well-equipped when we need them most.

 I support:

  • The declaration of racism as a public health crisis.

  • The Campaign Zero #8CantWait project to improve community interactions with the police and ensure accountability.

  • Sending mental health professionals on calls with law enforcement.


Public Health & Safety

Every Detroiter deserves to feel safe—whether at home, at school, downtown, or in their neighborhood. And every Detroiter deserves to know that in an emergency, they can count on the quick response of our Police, Firefighters or EMS. Like any other urban city in America, crime is the single biggest threat to the rebirth of Detroit. If citizens don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods, they will leave the first chance they get, no matter how much they love their city. We must make preventing and combating crime, in all its forms, a top priority. There are no quick fixes and no easy answers. Reducing crime and building safe communities will require unprecedented cooperation between citizens, business, schools, and law enforcement.

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