For the past six years, Janeé Ayers has been honored to serve the people of Detroit. As an at-large City Councilmember, she represents every Detroiter in every neighborhood across the entire city. 

During her time on council, Janeé has earned a reputation for being a fighter that her fellow Detroiters can count on, and established herself as a pragmatic leader who is not afraid to make tough decisions. Janeé knows Detroiters are hardworking, and knows they expect the same from their elected officials. 

As chair of the Budget, Audit and Finance Committee, Janeé ensures that Detroit has a balanced budget and continues to provide key City services while avoiding the financial issues that once plagued the city. As vice chair of the Public Health & Safety Committee, Janeé has fought to ensure that residents and small-business owners had the resources they needed during the COVID19 pandemic, whether it be food assistance or health supplies. 

Her record includes sponsoring the Fair Chance Ordinance, which ensures that Detroiters who have served their time are not penalized or discriminated against for their past mistakes. Because Janeé believes that no one in Detroit should be shut out of opportunities to succeed, she has led the Returning Citizen Taskforce, which has helped more than 1,500 returning citizens in our community find jobs and get training to learn the skills they need to start fresh.

Because she knows that the best way to move Detroit forward is to create new opportunities for her fellow Detroiters, she has cast key votes on projects that will help create thousands of new jobs in the city – and ensured that Detroiters are the ones who get hired. She has been a tireless advocate for our city’s entrepreneurs, helping to make sure they have what startups need to open their doors and what been-ups need to keep them open. 

Before joining Detroit City Council, Janeé worked as a mortgage banker at Quicken Loans, so she understands the challenges of home ownership and the need for more equitable lending. As a hospitality worker at MGM Grand Casino, she utilized her natural leadership skills to become the youngest member of the UNITEHERE! Local 24 contract bargaining team, negotiating on behalf of thousands of hospitality workers with some of the region’s largest employers. The labor movement is where she found her voice as a former Vice President of the Metro AFL-CIO.

Janeé also has always had a passion for working with children. She served Detroit youth at youth recreation programs, and she inspired and nurtured many more as a teacher at a Detroit Public Schools alternative education facility.

Janeé is a proud graduate of Renaissance High School, and earned a full academic scholarship to Bowling Green State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and public policy. 

She is a proud daughter of Detroit and a champion for all those who call her beloved Motor City home.