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 I support:

  • Protecting residents from unjust water shut offs.

  • Property tax discounts for seniors.

  • Revitalization of parks and green spaces.

  • Community centers with youth-centered programming.

  • Eviction defense and rental assistance.

  • Aid for small-business owners that serve our communities.


As Chair of the Public Health and Safety Committee, I have made your quality of life a priority. I’ve worked to secure funding to renovate over 40 neighborhood parks. I’ve also worked to keep major project developers responsive to neighborhood concerns like the need for green space, job training, neighborhood cleanup, and boarding of abandoned homes.


Investing in Our Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are the heart and soul of life in Detroit: where we live, play and worship. Each should have clean, safe parks for our kids; nearby shopping and quality grocery stores; affordable housing in areas free of blight and decay; and schools we can be proud of. Investing in our neighborhoods is the best way to improve the quality of life for everyday Detroiters. Our neighborhoods provide a unique sense of space, community and belonging. We should be proud that investment in Detroit’s downtown is at a record high, but we must put the same energy and resources into our neighborhoods. Our success in revitalization will be measured by whether every neighborhood, from Morningside to Warrendale to DelRay to Green Acres, is a safe, clean, vibrant place to live and raise a family.

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