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Committed to Creating Opportunity for All


Hello Detroit,

For the past six years, I have represented every Detroiter in every neighborhood across the entire city as a City Council Member at Large. Bottom line: I serve YOU. During my time on Council, I've earned a reputation for being a fighter you can count on and I've established myself as a pragmatic leader who isn’t afraid to make tough decisions. I’ve also been walking the walk for the labor movement my entire adult life and am a champion for working families.


As a lifelong Detroiter, I want to see this city thrive. Everything I do while on City Council I do with the future of Detroit in mind. I want security for our seniors, stability for our families, and fair compensation for our workers. For all who live, work, and play in Detroit, I see you and I'm here for you.


I know that Detroiters are committed and hardworking and that you expect and deserve the same from your elected officials. All my life I have worked to help others fulfill their God-given potential and Detroit's potential is endless. I will always be a champion for this city we love. I will always fight for you. Keep me in your corner. I ask for your vote on or before Tuesday, November 2nd.


Proudly Endorsed

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